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Individual facilitations

A visceral body experience - Jonathan Lewis (C-volution)

The wisdom's in the body - Jonathan Lewis (C-volution)

'My first session with Marije was like having three or four psychotherapy sessions in one. It was extremely powerful and shifted emotional baggage from my past that I had buried deep inside me. Marije is highly skilled, but what I liked most about the session was that there was no ego involved, it was very pure and effective. I am usually very sceptical of alternative therapies, but this was just so effective that I have done a number of sessions with Marije since. I would highly recommend her to anyone who is seeking to grow as a person or someone who is wanting to let go of the baggage of the past.’ (B.E. ~ Australia)

'My sessions with Marije were absolutely amazing, afterwards they left me feeling grounded in a way I hadn't experienced in a long time. Marije is able to feel where you're ready to go and intuitively guides you through every process. I felt very held and cared for during sessions, which made me able to dig really deep. I would definitely recommend her, especially if you have a hard time being in your body and feeling your blockages.' (H.H ~ Netherlands)

'I have done several Skype sessions with Marije, and also had the pleasure of meeting her in person. Marije is a grounded, kind and authentic person. During the sessions she holds the space and works on a deeper level than the classical left-brain intellectual. How this works cannot be described, it must be experienced. It is easier in many ways to just talk, but I suspect the deeper issues are very difficult to process that way. With a background as a physician I am myself very conditioned by science, but there are also scientific explanations for why this is so, related to the nervous system. My impression is that most people have very little connection with their own body, and I am convinced that reconnection to the body is paramount for living an authentic and fulfilled life with a purpose. However this may not be pleasant all the time, so it may turn out difficult to do alone.  I heartfully recommend Marije as a facilitator, especially for those who have already tried talk therapy and realised that this can take you only so far, or suspect that another way is needed to grow. Skype works surprisingly well as a communication tool with this by the way.' (N.F ~ Norway)

'Marije, from nothing, without any script, just sitting there with her full presence and light, lets me express any emotion that that encounter could create, and suddenly the subconscious opens and she detects immediately its content, being able to show me what is blocking the flow of my own existence. In a very casual meeting, I  had her full attention and care, a clear mind and a big heart giving me support to be able to see what was unseen, bring clarity, and being able to dissolve it instantaneously. Then we could laugh together… I treasure our encounter with a smile and bright eyes!' (N.D ~ Brazil)

'Marije was wonderful to work with. She had no ego or personal motive. She immediately put me at ease and allowed me to feel safe and comfortable to express and release freely. She guided me to areas within myself I had not been aware of before allowing for some profound realisation and healing to occur. She even made me aware of how to connect with myself and feel into my emotions in a way that I had not experienced previously. Highly recommend to everyone!' (S.F. ~ Australia)

'I’ve had several sessions with Marije now and she’s really helped me access and move some deeply embedded “crap” on many levels. 😊 Her naturally catalytic nature matches well with a practical and inquisitive intellect. She has a direct, honest, matter-of-fact “let’s get to it, shall we?” approach that I greatly admire and appreciate! Speaking from a (my) masculine perspective, I felt very supported by her calm, non-judgmental presence. No matter how weird or unsettling the subject matter coming up might be, Marije holds an open space with a deep sense of constructive empathy. And a great sense of humor. For me, her gifts have resulted in a greater sense of grounded physical and emotional embodiment, and an acceleration in working through multiple karmic distortions that would’ve likely taken me months of avoidance before I finally got tired of ignoring them. I’d love to say she’s a joy to work with – and she truly is, but that’s not giving her the right kind of credit – the joy is in the reintegration and healing she guides and inspires! Would definitely recommend.' (E.T. ~ United States)

Group facilitations


We had a wonderful wellness retreat day, being able to heal and relax with Marije. She guided the group in a helpful way, giving us all the time and space we needed for each meditation and practice. On top of the welcoming atmosphere Marije set for the activities, the plant based food and snacks she made, were delicious. I am looking forward to the next retreat facilitated by Marije as I'm still reaping the benefits from the last one! (T.W.K ~ Malawi)

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