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Inner Growth Facilitation

Inner growth facilitation is about uncovering the authentic flow of your soul, the essence of your being, through a guided and intuitive exploration, to establish a greater sense of authentic embodiment. This natural flow has often become distorted by conditioning from our family, society and culture. My personal journey has led to a passion for the connection between body, mind and soul, particularly all the subconscious pain, trauma and patterns that are hidden within our bodies and that are getting in the way of the authentic flow of our soul. I am also

fascinated by the crucial difference between approaching challenges in our lives by merely thinking about and analyzing them with our mind (which I used to be and still am very good at!) versus feeling into and working through them within our bodies. In my experience the former can easily keep one stuck spinning around in circles, whereas the latter is more likely to penetrate and break through the heart of the problem.

During an inner growth session, we explore and unravel internal blockages that disrupt your natural flow and break through these limiting patterns, in order to realign you with the essence of who you really are. I am also experienced in assisting clients to deal with energetic entities and implants should they emerge during a session. The emphasis during a session is on feeling into the body and what it has to tell or reveal, and less on your ‘storyline’ or what the mind might have to say about it. It is usually not an easy ride, because diving into these blockages tends to bring up unpleasant feelings to be worked through, but is eventually very rewarding.

The sessions are intuitive, which means that the direction in which a session will go or where it will end is not known beforehand and thus there is no predefined outcome to work towards. Moreover, although I am there to facilitate your exploration and hold a supportive space, eventually the exploration is all yours, which means that I won’t be there to ‘heal’ or ‘remove’ anything for you, but rather to empower you to take the healing process into your own hands or remove things yourself. Generally, I am known for my down-to-earth, no-nonsense approach, which includes a high level of (self-)honesty and modesty.

The facilitation sessions are based on my personal approach that I have named ‘inner growth facilitation’, which is inspired by a blend of my intuition and different techniques that I have gained over the years through different teachings and trainings. The two most influential ones being the Openhand approach for which I am an accredited facilitator, and the Amanae training progamme, which I completed with the School of Amanae Europe. Additionally, many years of meditation, a Diploma in Yoga Education and a Certificate in Ayurvedic Yoga Massage add some extra flavors to the mix.


Amanae is a type of bodywork that helps in releasing stuck emotions. It incorporates intuitive touch with conscious breathing to bring the stuck emotional energy back into our consciousness so that you can work through it and let it go. During the bodywork you lie on a massage table while as a practitioner I intuitively work on different doorways on the body that are found in the muscles and bones, as you breathe deeply.


Sessions can be face-to-face in Malawi (with or without bodywork included) or over Skype/phone, in both Dutch or English. Please contact me about my rates and concessions.

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