About Marije

An explorer of life would probably best describe me. Already at a young age I would head out with the boy from next door on our bikes that were fully loaded with our suitcases and other things that were essential for exploring the wide world of our neighbourhood (like cool sunglasses ;)).

I have always been searching for a deeper truth behind my experiences in this lifetime and the reason why I am here. That journey hasn't always been easy and has taken me through deep valleys, but also over beautiful mountain tops, step by step uncovering the authentic flow of my soul in the process. And there is still so much more to explore and discover, such as how to express myself more authentically and vulnerably, rather than through filters of internal distortion and conditioning. 

Exploring naturally comes with a passion for traveling and indulging in different cultures. I have lived abroad for over many years and meanwhile don't identify much with my Dutch nationality, but rather feel like a citizen of this world, most at home within the diversity of different cultures. Africa holds a special place in my heart, particularly the ‘Warm Heart of Africa’, Malawi, where I am living at the moment.

Other than traveling and indulging in other cultures, I am passionate about vegan cooking, dancing, meditation, spending time in nature and anything else that makes my heart sing. Although my authentic being cannot be defined or captured by certificates, for those who are interested in my educational credentials, I have a Ph.D. in Human Geography and a M.Sc. in Artificial Intelligence. Furthermore, I have a Diploma in Yoga Education, a Certificate in Ayurvedic Yoga Massage and I am an accredited Openhand facilitator.

Drawing upon my personal experiences and training, I am now available as inner growth facilitator, to help others explore their own authentic embodiment by unraveling any blockages that disrupt the authentic flow of their soul.


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