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Updated: Oct 6, 2023

I am a wanderer,

A lifelong wanderer,

Looking for meaning,

In this lifetime and beyond.


Authentic me can’t take it anymore,

keeping up the appearances of what it is not,

just to maintain peace and not discomfort others.

Authentic me just wants to express itself,

in every color of the rainbow, unrestricted,

even if that causes discomfort to others.

Authentic me is free like a bird,

to sing whatever song arises,

happy or sad.

Authentic me accepts everyone as they are,

including itself,

without exception.

Authentic me is ready to surrender,

to the lessons that life has to offer,

without fear.

Authentic me, a beautiful beingness,

that is ready to be set free,

from the shackles of the ego.

Authentic me, I love you,

Authentic you, I love me.


I want to be me,

I want to be free,

from the shackles of eternity


Terrified to express my true essence.

Terrified to stand for who I really am

Lost in who I am not

Trying to please who?

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